Why iamaware™?


Maximize Value for a Fraction of your Total IAM Spend

IAM solutions cost money (whether CapEx or OpEx) and overtime the spend  increases. For only a fraction of your overall investment in IAM, iamaware measures the productivity of  IAM solutions, helps you identify areas where additional resources are required, and enables administrators to forestall catastrophic failures.  What's not to like about that?



forget about cobbling together monitoring tools

Trying to get monitoring solutions and log readers to address specific IAM needs can be challenging, time consuming and have unpredictable results. Multiple teams are usually involved, the solution needs constant tweaking and at some point the overhead far outweighs the benefits.

With iamaware you get immediate results by leveraging years of  experience distilled into a solution that is tailored specifically for IAM.



LOwer your Operation COsts

Your IAM solutions are the point of entry for employees and customers. Keeping them reliable and secure ensures a great end user experience, while at the same time protecting business interests.  Your administrators can get ahead of server and solution issues through iamaware's early alerting system, making expensive firefights a thing of the past.