What's in iamaware™?

iamaware dashboards.PNG

dashboards for different  views

iamaware™ collates data from different IAM products and provides a simple dashboard view.  Dashboards are extensible and can be set up in different ways. For example, they may:

  • Cater to a specific audience ( IAM Admins, Operational Staff, Managers, ....)
  • Provide a holistic view of  multiple instances of a single IAM technology
  • Show historical IAM data

And the list goes on...


infrastructure at a glance

When it comes to your IAM solutions, chances are that infrastructure information is stored across multiple documents and spreadsheets.

iamaware™ offers a set of infrastructure views  that start at the top level and allow you to drill down to specific servers.  You can review server health, status of services hosted on it, relevant certificate information and a whole lot more. 

No more rifling through multiple sources to find that needle in a haystack!

iamaware performance.PNG

iam performance at your fingertips

Authentication and access management servers are usually the first port of call, when users experience delays in accessing applications.

With iamaware™ you can easily identify request timings through the different security layers and handle bottlenecks where they belong. 


SSL Certificate Management Made Simple

When SSL certificates expire, services stop working and things go horribly wrong. Never be caught off guard again. iamaware™ constantly monitors all of your IAM systems' SSL certificates. iamaware™ will alert you before any certificates expire so you solve the problem before it happens!



For additional feature whitepapers and videos, check out our Resources page.