What iamaware™ does for you.

iamaware offers a groundbreaking single pane view of disparate  IAM solutions in an enterprise.

You can assess the productivity and value of your IAM investment, monitor and identify potential issues before they bring systems down, forecast IAM resource needs based on actual usage and trends, thereby lowering  operational costs while  improving productivity.

Once iamaware is installed in the enterprise, it provides management, administrators and operations staff a holistic view of the overall IAM landscape.


keep iam secure

Trying to keep IAM security outcomes consistent across an enterprise is hard. iamaware™ makes it easy to measure the efficiency of controls:

"The security patch from yesterday has still not been applied on all IAM servers. We need to move quickly."
"Nice progress! Median application risk score is down 100 points from last week!"


forecast with facts

Historical IAM data helps you measure productivity and forecast future requirements with quantitative backing:

"Our access management servers are maxed out - need additional servers."
"Number of calls to reset passwords are way less this week. The new self password reset tool is working!"

fix before it breaks

The value of being alerted before issues occur is immeasurable. In the case of IAM it is more than standard monitoring.

"Spike in CPU on CFO's office IAM server. Need to check."
"Alerted on SSL certificates expiring in a week.  Time to renew!"
"Running out of disk space on audit trail server.  Must request additional storage ASAP."