Identity & Access Management

The importance of identity and access management has dramatically increased in recent years.  Our services in this area include—

User Friendly Identity & Access Management (IAM)

We offer end-to-end solutions that administer and manage identities and accesses for employees, consultants, customers/consumers, vendors and suppliers. If your users are familiar with a service delivery process and interface, you probably want to use the same forfulfilling their identity and access requests.  We recognize this and  offer end to end solutions that integrate IAM technologies with service offerings from vendors like ServiceNow.  IAM solutions are still used under the covers for request completion, with appropriate security controls enforced.  We specialize in designing and , configuringout-of-the-box solutions as well as developing customized  solutions. 

Identity Assurance

We offer end-to-end single or simplified sign on (SSO)  solutions for users managed through your internal identity solutions as well as for federated identities from within the Cloud. We specialize in integration of multiple authentication schemes  using biometrics,  OAuth, SAML, physical and soft tokens, RFIDs etc.

Role Management and Governance

Role or attribute based access controls simplify policy based authorization and assurance.  We offer end-to-end services that encompass role definition, role management, periodic certification of accesses and ongoing governance.

Reporting and Analysis

The ability to audit identity and access related functions ensures that you can identify anomalies easily in the event of a breach or security event.  We offer services for design and implementation of manageable reporting and analysis features, that can support the constantly changing threat landscape.