Advisory Consulting

Defining Policies &  Controls

With SOX, HIPAA, PCI,  and other industry regulations, organizations must secure their IT environment and implement controls to ensure that only valid users have access to their resources. We work with you on defining controls around user requests to access Data (at rest, in motion)  managed by Applications (internal, third party, mobile, etc.) hosted on an Infrastructure ( networks, data centers, cloud, mobile, etc.).

Risk Assessments

We identify and prioritize risks, using security best practices as a guideline.  Once we have reviewed and analyzed your environment using available documents, interviews with staff, and a hands on assessments of technical controls, we prioritize our findings and provide recommendations for addressing the risks both in the short and long term. 

Health Checks

Our health check services are typically centered around solution deployments you might currently have in place. We are pragmatic about our findings, and focus  on your business drivers and priorities as opposed to simply identifying standard areas for improvement.  We can also review source code from a performance and exception handling perspective.

Business Process Modeling and Architectural Design

Security solutions are only as good as the standards,  business policies, and processes  they are built around.  Our consultants bring a wealth of experience and technical know-how to the table.  They can facilitate or drive discussions within all levels of your organization to help define a clear set of policies and processes that can be then be implemented using appropriate tools and technologies.