Essential or Nice to Have?

When packing for a trip there are usually two categories of things to take– the essentials and the nice to haves.  It’s easy to understand why the essentials must go in.

iamaware™ is an   essential for every organization with one or more automated identity and access management (IAM)solutions.  In the past, if you looked for IAM usage, productivity reports and metrics around different solutions that collectively provided identity and access management functions, there was no single stop for delivery of this information.  And on the operational front, there were solutions that looked for stopped processes or log file errors.  But when it came to applying IAM specific intelligence to alert on gaps between expected results and actual results, especially across  different product sets, these tools drew a blank.  Going through different disparate sources, manually was the norm.  Until now.  With iamaware™ we address not only the need for an IAM specific dashboard but also most importantly a single console from where managers and administrators can holistically view  and generate reports of the health of their IAM systems, in real time or over a period of time.

Let us look at a real life example to understand what iamaware™ brings to the table. Company X has an automated identity and access provisioning solution implemented in the enterprise.  Daily feeds from  source systems result in user account provisioning and policy based access settings on SOX audited platforms and applications, example Active Directory.  Like all systems there are good days and not so good days! A monitoring solution may alert administrators when processes stop or failures are recorded in log files within individual solution sets.  However, there is no mechanism that proactively alerts administrators if there is a sudden change in the number of provisioning requests being processed or if there appears to be a sudden increase in the number of tickets generated around self-password resets.  The first time an anomaly is detected could well be when there is a management level escalation or on a user’s first day at work when login to resources is denied. Or worse still it could be when auditors poking through the system find a bunch of terminated users still assigned privileged accesses that were never removed.  Managers requiring reports on consolidated IAM metrics may have to pull reports from the different products and analyze and collate them manually.  And this is just on the identity provisioning front.  The list would grow exponentially if I were to add identity assurance, federation, single sign on, privileged identity management…You get the picture, right?  

This is where iamaware™ comes into the fray.  We designed it to view IAM not as a bunch of different products delivering silos of features, but as a single pane of glass from where you can view the entire solution, irrespective of the number of different  products you might choose to throw into the mix.  We do not expect you to pledge allegiance to a single vendor or family of products to meet all your IAM needs.  We work with what you have to deliver what we know you need.  Essential or nice to have? Definitely an essential; one that absolutely needs to be packed into your suitcase when embarking on an IAM journey.

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