iamaware: If you are like most organizations, you have invested a great deal of time and money in deploying solutions to manage your users' identities and accesses.  Irrespective of whether you go with best of breed or a single vendor for all, you can never be sure how holistically productive these systems really are.  And to make matters worse when consumers or internal users cannot login and access websites or applications, all hell breaks loose. There is tremendous pressure onadministrators and security staff to rapidly troubleshoot and address the issue. Repetitive fire fighting with no time for root cause correction adds to frustration at all levels.  iamaware offers a single pane view of disparate IAM solutions so you canquantify overall productivity, identify potential issues before they bring systems down, preemptively plan foradditional investments to improve throughput and report on solution metrics over a period of time.


iamAPI: Have you ever wanted a consistent interface from when a user is registered with your organization to when they actually login and access applications? iamAPI from Pontis is a uniform programmatic interface for identity provisioning and assurance services that wrappers underlying technologies and their disparate interfaces.  Interface and portal developers can do what they do best without trying to build in security constructs. The API framework:

     - Abstracts technological specifics from application developers.

     - Offers a central point where security vulnerabilities can be addressed, without impacting enterprise applications and their development life cycles.

     - Supports changing provisioning and assurance constructs to support evolving business requirements around mobile, digital marketing and web access management.

Although initially developed to wrapper the IBM IAM products, the API is extensible and can support IAM and Governance products from cloud providers and other vendors.

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