Our goal is to offer our customers the very best security advice and top notch  implementation and support services. We leverage our experience, technical depth and relationships with product vendors to ensure that projects managed by us are executed flawlessly, within budget and on time. 

Our Story

Pontis Research Inc. was founded in January 1994 as a security consulting company. Over the years ourofferings have grown from traditionalconsulting services to include mobile and cloud security and most recently managed security services as well. We view our relationships with our customers to be long term partnerships, and every project is a journey along a well planned roadmap.

Our Approach

We provide the type of consultancy and service that meets your requirements. We never presume "one size fits all."

We offer:

  • Trusted Security Advisors: Provide end to end guidance and successful solution delivery
  • Project Delivery Specialists: Include Project Managers, Business Analysts, Architects, Developers, Product SMEs, Trainer, Support Staff
  • Specialized 9-1-1 Swat Teams: For when things go wrong unexpectedly and you need immediate help and root cause analysis with achievable remediation plans.
  • Security as a Service: If you are looking for a cost effective, hassle free solution.